Autistic Disdain is moving

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Things that are fun: writing about (and making fun of) gadgets and tech.

Things that are not fun: wrestling with Blogger software while managing a bunch of other WordPress blogs that all work nicely.

So, Autistic Disdain is moving to . I'm going to see what I can do about migrating all of the old posts over as well. Hate to leave them behind.

See you folks on the other side!

U.S. Cyber Command Achieves 'Full Operational Capab-....Wait, We Have A Cyber Command?!

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File this under "Stuff That Probably Sounds Cooler Than It Is", but apparently the U.S. now has a Cyber Command. A sub-department of the DoD. Their responsibilities? "Directing activities to operate and defend DoD networks." So, um....sweet?

According to the DoD press release on the subject, the new Cyber Command....does stuff. Like, um...."transitioning personnel" and defending our networks. My guess? China's been back-tracing some stuff and, as it turns out, we don't really have a Cyber Pohlice. Until now that is!

It is unclear if this new Cyber Enforcement Agency Power Go! will be handling issues on the home front (they won't) or if they'll stick to more boring stuff like handling the regular attempts by foreign powers to invade our government's military secrets from secure network facilities (ok yeah, that one). Suffice to say, Google finally won't be the only ones on the offensive against foreign cyber invasion.

T-Mobile Claims Title of Largest 4G Network, Pisses Off Everyone

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Not content with annoying pedantic nerds, T-Mobile has decided to go and piss off Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T by claiming they now have the nation's largest 4G network. Verizon and AT&T are stuck retorting with PR statements nobody cares about, since they can't reply with counter-ads since they have no 4G network of their own to advertise yet. Sprint keeps hawking the Evo.

Of course, competing carriers aren't the only ones T-Mo is pissing off. The ITU, which is kinda like the FCC for the UN but not really, is in the business of regulating all of the other acronyms the UN hasn't already used up. And they've determined that "4G" can only apply to WiMax2 and LTE-Advanced. Why? Screw you. That's why.

So, T-Mobile's just hung the sense of it and started putting out ads twisting the knife.

Google Apologizes For Getting All Up In Your Gmail By Getting All Up In Your Gmail

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"Google rarely contacts Gmail users via email, but we are making an exception to let you know that we've reached a settlement in a lawsuit regarding Google Buzz"

I know. You feel bad. But I really just don't want to talk to you. I broke up with you because you were creepy and went snooping through my email. That was a huge invasion of privacy. I don't want you to apologize. I want you to leave.

"Shortly after its launch, we heard from a number of people who were concerned about privacy."

I know. You've made great progess. I'm glad you've got into rehab. But that doesn't change what you did. So please. Just leave. I want to move on with my life.

"The settlement acknowledges that we quickly changed the service to address users' concerns. In addition, Google has committed $8.5 million to an independent fund, most of which will support organizations promoting privacy education and policy on the web."

You're not going to win me back. Please. Go away. Leave my house or I'm going to call the police.

"This mandatory announcement was sent to all Gmail users in the United States as part of a legal settlement"

Alright. Fine. Then go back and tell your sponsor you've fulfilled your duties or whatever. I'll say "I forgive you" or whatever I need to do to get you to go. Just please. Go.

T-Mobile Is The Enemy Of Nerds Everywhere

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The phone pictured to the left? That is the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G. Four. Gee. How many Gees? Four. What are there four of? The Gees. Four.


Of course, what those Gee's mean is anybody's guess. 4th generation of something? Sure I guess so. I mean, HSDPA+ is, technically an iteration of the more common-place HSPA technology that T-Mobile uses for their 3G data. And yes, HSDPA+ is faster. And yes it does have two whole extra characters! One letter and one symbol. Seriously. That plus? That's like adding flames to the front of your car.

Is it 4G? Eh. Who cares? Well, nerds for one. "Well, techniiiically, it's only a 3.5G tech, because it's theoretical bandwidth isn't as high as WiMax and especially not LTE."

Let me tell ya', there's few things as attractive, in marketing as "3.5G". Mm-mm. Nope. I mean, remember what I told you about symbols? The point in three-point-five? That's kind of a symbol! And that means awesome. Plus 3.5G has an extra number. Not sure why they're not calling it 3.5G to be honest. But I guess they felt simpler is better.

"But it's imprecise! It's only going to cause user confusion in the long-term!"

Shut up nerd.

The New Nook Is Going To Crush You With Awesome

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This is the new, color Nook. And this woman? She is terrified of it. Look at her. She is taken aback by the mind-boggling vastness of it's potential. She is positively floored. Or about to be.

Do you understand? Do you get just how unbelievable this new Nook is? I DON'T THINK YOU DO.

It's magnificent. Unbelievable. Positively flabbergasting. Mesmerizingly ostentatious.

It's like....


This Dress Is Like The Matrix, Less Evil, More Messy 2-Year-Old

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I don't think this needs any other commentary.

Except maybe: Whaaaaaaaa-?

And: The heeeeeeck?!

And also: Dude, I'm gonna get one for my girlfriend.