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Here's a comparison chart of Hulu, HuluPlus, and Netflix. Some notable tidbits:

-- Free Hulu doesn't have too much in the way of full seasons, but they're not without their gems. Especially older shows like Highlander and Doogie Howser. Though, putting Doogie Howser behind a paywall would be as cruel as requiring a subscription to Xbox Live just to play that Netflix Streaming you already pay for on your TV.

-- HuluPlus does offer an impressive library of back episodes, but it does get bested more than once by Netflix' library. Though, apparently Netflix' interest in maintaining an impressive television show library starts to taper off after shows that start with B, with a serious prejudice to Cs.

-- While I'm fairly certain it did not affect the data presented here, while collecting data, some shows were added or removed from the listing on the promo page for HuluPlus. It is entirely possible that the data here may be incorrect by time I submit this article.

Also, since this is supposed to be a comedy blog.....


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There are now 8 Seasons of Family Guy on Netflix :)

Seems like you should count DVDs *too* (possibly in a separate column on the chart). Netflix has 8 seasons (to be 9 next month) of Scrubs on DVD.

What if I don't care about a single one of these shows

Wow! Great chart!

Does either carry dowton abbey?

I was watching netflix on my friends laptop and I love it. Now I want to watch it in my own home. Do you know which laptop is right for me? I don't need anything fancy. Just something to watch netflix.

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