Greenspads are Not Very Padded

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Not metal - steel. Like the stuff swords and tanks and battleships are made of. Under your mouse and wrist.  More after the jump.

Made by Steam and MeFi enthusiast Greens, Greenspads are billed as the last mousepad you'll ever need.

Mousepads made of steel withstand the most heated frag fest while keeping your mouse hand cool. They’ll last a lifetime and are impervious to being dropped, crushed, or thrown. We’re talking about a family heirloom that would look good over your fireplace, or can help you open a beer!  Initial tests have provided users with mild euphoria, increased libido, and record-breaking zombie kills.

I bet you didn't know you needed that in a mousepad.

Greenspads are handmade, sport hand-stamped personalization and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out how they are made in the video below:

[Greensforged via MeFi]

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