Microsoft Releases Amazing New Intuitive Interface: Squares

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Microsoft has recently announced their brand new mobile operating system, Windows Cellular Device Mobile Phone Part 7 Series New Not Windows Mobile. Also known as Windows Phone 7 Series for short. And their new phone has an incredible, amazing, fantastic, wonderful new interface: squares.

Windows Mobile had been behind in the race for a while. Being neither renowned as a great feature phone, nor counted among the very intuitive. But with the new Windows Calling Gadget 7th Edition of Release, Microsoft has shaken up the industry by doing what no other company has dared to do. Make every element in their interface made out of squares with text on them.

The future, ladies and gentlemen, has arrived at last. And it is glorious. Right angles everywhere! Apps? Please! Who cares! This is Web 2.0 baby! All of your information now goes to a square. Facebook? Twitter? There's a square for that! Emails and texts? There's a square for that!

They're called People. Or maybe Text? Anyways. Microsoft wants you to know that they know exactly what you want in a phone. And they're going to give it to squares. (See what I did there? It's like "in spades", but with squares. Because this is all square. Man I love this stuff! Haha!)

In an age where your mobile device is no longer just a portal to information, but is a remote control, breathalyzer, fan, flashlight, and any number of other amazing things, Microsoft has revolutionized the mobile market by making that multitude of operations secondary to placing Facebook and Twitter updates in one square (oh, how I love that word). That way when you go to find a text message your girlfriend sent you, you can look through all of her status updates and tweets as well. And if you want to go to any of the hundreds of other things that your phone can do...well, they'll find a square for that later. And while it's really not terribly clear where that square will be, or even if there will be that much priority given to any functions besides Twitter, Zune, and Xbox at can bet that if there's a function this phone can do, it will definitely be squarely inside a square. (Hahahaha. Did you see that one, too? Oh, man! I am so thrilled.)

It's information-centric! It's square! It's the future of computing, ladies and gentlemen!

And I do mean that quite literally. Despite the fact that there are already people pledging to buy these devices (and who wouldn't buy something with so many squares in it?!), Windows Super Data Calling Social Music Square Phone 7 Series Iteration Part Deux And A Half Squared Times Infinity devices won't go on sale until sometime in the holiday season 2010. So you may as well forget about it for now. Because your square lust will go entirely unfulfilled for a while.

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