Passive Aggressive Marketing Mother Drops Hints To Her Clueless Son

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There's apparently some rocky roads in the lives of one Verizon marketing director and her son. With Mother's Day fast approaching (only 93 more days, kids!), Verizon Wireless's chief of mobile handset marketing has started using her power to drop hints to her son about what she'd like to receive.

Previously known for her touching Droid commercials which resonated so deeply with males age 18-35 (being such a totally hip mom, she knows what the kids like), the head madam has released two new passive aggressive commercials for the Palm Pre Plus (try saying that three times fast).

The first, entitled "Sticky Notes" is a subtle pass at the all the director has done for her dear boy. She took him to piano lessons across town every week for 5 years (until he gave it up because he wouldn't apply himself) to the pot roasts she made every night (which he never finished and she had to throw most of it out). The "girls' night out" was, of course, a fantasy as she was never allowed any time to herself. But she was always happy to give her time to her children. Because that's what family does, isn't it? Give to each other.

At least, that's what a good family should do. Some people just don't know how to be a good family member, I guess.

The second of the two spots of course highlighted her son's previous attempt at Mother's Day gifts.

Chocolates are, of course, a very thoughtful gift. And don't get her wrong, it's not that she doesn't appreciate them. It's simply...well, her son is fairly well off now. He has a good career, a nice apartment. And you know, he always seems to have some extra spare cash to spend on his coworkers, or to buy some new add on for his car. Is it really too much to ask for him to spend a little on his dear, sweet mother? I mean, it's not like he doesn't have enough time to save up some spare change between now and Mother's Day.

Also, son, when you get it, please program your number in so she can get a hold of you. Since you never call.

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This effort by the big V is kind of baffling... So obviously gender specific, if just might have the opposite effect on many wimmin.

Maybe if they made a phone more cock-shaped and had an app that regularly told them how pretty they were.

Yeah. Good thing I'm not in marketing.

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