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I've arrived! I'm now a snooty, high-falutin' editor for an edgy tech blog!

My devious plans include a weekly write-up of Android apps and (half-assed) reviews. Android news tends to get the shaft unless its about an impending rumored handset or a major OS update. I think people could stand a little bit of app information from time to time. Any thoughts on this?

I'll also be lending my skills at Photoshoppery and general artfulness whenever possible. Given my proclivities toward art, photography, and gadgets, expect a tasty melange of art-tech articles here and there. I'm open to suggestions, ideas and submissions. I'll do my best to keep in touch with the people who reply and comment as well.


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Welcome met. Please, by all means, Android this place up.

'Warped' is a good word for this.

Just don't say anything negative about Apple, please. It's bad for my tiny individual ego that's FireWired into the Infinite Loop.

Also, no puns. Bad for the hypertension. I'm sure you understand.

/grave seriousness

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