Your Verizon MiFi is Awesome [for me to poop on]

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I have a new hero. And if you are a Verizon MiFi customer, pay attention. Your equipment may be a security risk.

Security consultant and accomplished hacker Joshua Wright successfully pwned the Verizon MiFi device, and shows you how to do it in full glory. The ramifications for customers? Among the usual security issues about network access, sensitive data, etc., is this gem:
Verizon limits users to 5 GB data transfer a month over EV-DO account; exceeding this watermark racks up significant fees for the end-user. A neer-do-well could compromise a MiFi device and leverage it for their download purposes, potentially avoiding racking up their own Internet use charges, or just to cause trouble for the victim.
So there you have it. You can get beaned for ridiculous data charges if the hacker hates you. Or, if you are so inclined and the threat of jail time is not a concern, you may fuck over your Verizon-inflicted neighbor.

Bonus Verizon mockery!

Will Hack for SUSHI

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