It's Time to Get Started

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OK, fellow geeks. It's time to get this blog started. Who are we? What do we do? What is this all about? It's time to decide.

This is initially envisaged as a tech humor blog, created by some gratuitous Gizmodo commenters looking for sweet mocking action. Some people take this shit way too seriously. They need help.

So you, dear visitor, have a say in what this will become. Please put your two cents in the comments. If you are skilled at writing, you have a shot as an editor. To lock up that gig, you need to be damn funny, fearless, sarcastic, and good in bed.

To get the ball rolling - we will be about tech. Parody, failure and shit. We will lambaste magnates, slap around fanboys, and point out the lameness of their gadgets with incredulous spite. All posts will drip with equal opportunity sarcasm.

That being the foundation, we have a few more things to discuss. Will we repeat news? I hope not, original content is better. But occasionally something newsworthy begs for humiliation. Will we post pictures of wank-worthy chicks? Please say yes. But if that causes problems at work, say so.

The bigger question: Will you write for AD, or will you comment? The conversation begins now.

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Personally, I am waiting with bated breath over the anticipated announcement of the Friendster Peek. Having a dedicated device that can access my friend's updates will save me from having to refresh pages once an hour, every hour to make sure that I don't miss it when my friend posts about feeding his cat. This is going to sell ten's of devices, easily. How can they ignore such a market? I mean, between me and my hetero-lifemate, Manuel, they have at least 1 customer.

I'll throw in my two cents as just a commenter. I've never taken a stab at an editorial position before (mostly missionary and doggy), and I dunno if I'm ready to try just yet.

Looks nice, Prostate. Again, as time allows, I can bother you all with something. It'll probably be short, as a blog should be.

In regards to repeating content, that may be a moot point due to the different angle we can take.

Furthermore, the success of this blog depends entirely on letting others know about it! While this is meant to be a nice free-wheeling experiment, it has the potential to go places. It also has the potential to devolve into another troll-infested blog, the likes we should never speak of.

Good luck! Let's make this a fun ride!

You know, I thought I had all the qualifications to be a great editor, but that good in bed bit... Man, I almost had that.

Fearless? Sure.
Sarcastic? Nah.
Funny? Occassionally.
Good in Bed? Nope.

Damn, almost got one too...


But seriously, I like. If you ever want a stupid, pointless, give you something to think about and make you laugh thingy, I'm kind of your man. I wrote for AppleDifferent for a bit before it went under.

Another blogging gig that made fun of tech, had the initials A.D. and failed? Drop me an email!!!1!!

Same goes for any of you others. Should be a fun ride.

/dick joke

It was decent while it lasted. I covered Mac tips and tricks mostly. OSx86 stuff too. It failed because the owner couldn't afford the hosting and I'm pretty sure someone wanted to pay him a nice chunk of cash for the domain name.

will do

gosh it feels good to not have to wory abuot speling and grammerr here

Writing seems like it would be fun except I'm lazy as fuck. Who knows though. Maybe I'll change my mind and give it ago.

Until then I'll take the low road and just comment.

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