PCs Are Undead, Baby, PCs are Undead

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As you are surely aware, the desktop, the notebook, and the netbook are all dead, baby, dead. The death of a technology proven, of course, by any given chart that contains a negative number, disregarding context. That being said, some new conflicting evidence has cropped up in Canada, contesting these claims of death.

NPD reports that Canada is seeing a rise in PC sales. 20% for laptops and 30% for desktops. Surprising given that nobody uses PCs anymore. With something like 4 million iPads sold, pretty much everyone has them by now, so Canada is at a loss to explain why PC sales are rising.

But I'm not. Clearly, the dead laptops and desktops are now joining the ranks of the undead. And frankly, it makes perfect sense strategically. With so many different events that are set to destroy this world--alien invasion, Armageddon, 2012, the return of whatever Scientologists are waiting for, the new 3D Star Wars movies--it's only logical that two of the most hotly anticipated end-of-the-world scenarios would team up for a joint venture: the zombie apocalypse and the robot uprising. Think of it as the Hulu for the end of life as we know it.

This fall, all Windows wants to do is eat your brains*.

*-- Well, ok, so that part is nothing new.

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