The Apple Store Trolling Chronicles -- The iPad is a Big iPod Touch

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In today's edition, the new iPods are the center of attention. Specifically, what about that fancy new iPod Touch? What's the difference between it and an iPhone?

"Basically, the phone part. And, there is a little bit less memory. It's only got 256MB to the iPhone's 512MB. So, it's really closer to an iPad."

As an aside: if you have constant access to WiFi, or a decently priced WiFi hotspot plan, you could make do with an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone. That WiFi hotspot plan was also the Apple Store rep's idea.

But this "It's closer to an iPad" thing intrigues me.....So, what's the difference between an iPod Touch and an iPad?

"Well, basically, the size. It's bigger, so, you know, you can put your whole hand on it. Basically, it's a computer......"

I'm sorry, I just wanna make sure I'm getting this clear. The difference between a $300 iPod Touch and a $600 iPad* is that it's bigger?

"Yeah, basically."

And, you know, the cameras.

"Well, yeah, the cameras, too. So, you couldn't say, do video chat with an iPad. Or take pictures. Or video."

But it's bigger?


K thanks!

Also, I asked him if I could get the iPod Nano any bigger. "Well, it comes in 8GB and 16GB-" No, I mean....bigger. That screen is tiny. "Oh. No. That's as big as they come." Thanks again!

* -- Compare 32GB, WiFi-only models. The iPod Touch starts at $230 for 8GB and the iPad WiFi model starts at $500 for 16GB.

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