Giz Finds iPhone, Giz Gets Raided, I Just Want My Evo

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A while back, Giz outed Apple's new ice cream sandwich iPhone. That was pretty cool. It has a front-facing camera.

Just like my Evo.

Then they were talking about Gray Powell or something. Apparently this guy lost the phone I guess.

I wouldn't lose my Evo.

Then there was something about "did Giz steal the phone"? I guess buying stuff that doesn't belong to someone can get you in some legal trouble.

That's ok. I'll buy my Evo fair and square.

And now there's something about one of the Giz editors getting raided. And now everyone has a legal opinion or some such. Some folks are totally shocked by this.

I'm totally shocked by the Evo.

4G data. WiFi sharing. 720p output. Android 2.1 and all that entails. The Sense UI.

Sorry dudes. I could hardly care less. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some drooling over Evo pictures to do.

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