I'm an iPad Atheist

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Dear readers. I have a confession to make. It's not easy for me to say. Given where I've grown up, there has been a lot of pressure to believe certain things. And for a while, I played along because I wanted to fit in. But when I step back, and I'm honest with myself, I can't ignore the truth. I may alienate many of my friends and colleagues, but I'm afraid I can't deny the truth anymore:

I don't believe in the iPad.

I've heard all the arguments. That it's going to change my life. That, if I let the iPad into my heart, and trust that the iPad developers will provide, then all my computing needs and desires will be fulfilled. But there's simply too much room for doubt.

Where were the developers when I needed a decent video editor in college? How could a loving and benevolent company allow me to have a device that crashes, or can't handle dropped frames? And what about all those people running G4s? After Snow Leopard, they have nowhere to go. Where is the help for them?

I want to believe. I do. I dream of a world where I can edit and organize my photos, movies, and music easily. Where I can write and read and create with ease and no frustrations.

But I'm afraid the church of Apple has let me down. I know it's been said that I shouldn't let the failings of the church be associated with Apple itself. But I just don't know. I was promised, when I got my first Macbook Pro, that I would never need anything else. But so many of my needs have gone unfulfilled. I need more from life than what iMovie can give me.

And the iPad is just another disappointment. I've been warned against the harlot, Flash. How she will entice me with her honey and fine wines. But in the end, they say, I will fall to ruin. I do not see it, though. I've seen many users live happy, successful lives watching Flash videos.

So, I'm sorry, to all my friends I've made in the Church of Apple. I want you to know, you are still dear friends to me. But I simply don't believe any more.

As it is written, "You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting."

....Wait, maybe that's from a different religion.

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