R.I.P Windows Phone 7 "Series" Jokes (2010-2010)

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Dearly beloved. We're gathered here today to mourn the passing of one of my most beloved Windows Phone 7 jokes. Gizmodo reports that as of now, Windows Mobile Gadget Phone 7 Super Series Sunny Happy Fun Time Extravaganza will now be known only as Windows Phone 7.

As previously reported, Microsoft released one of the most hilariously- and obnoxiously-named products since Warner Music Group signed the band The Most Absolutely Amazing And Incredibly Delicious Brand Of Off The Shelf Antacid Tablets You've Ever Tasted. The birth of Windows Phone 7 Series, though not a very popular name, brought much joy to this blogger. As a comedy writer, I love it when companies simply hand me products ripe for the teasing.

But alas, Windows Phone 7 Point Oh Major Great Stuff Series lived only a short life. One can only wonder, what kind of cruel world it is where jokes about Windows Phone's unnecessarily long, ridiculous name die young, while jokes about how the iPad sounds like it could be a brand of feminine hygiene products will continue to live long, healthy, successful lives.

Though you were with us only a short time, we will always love and cherish you, Microsoft Windows Phone Software Operating System Times 7 Extra Large Double Stuf Next Gen Fantastic Plus DX Mega Titanus Series With A Side Of Fries And A Kiss Good Night.

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