Word of The Day 4/03/10

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Word Of The Day is a new daily feature for Autistic Disdain by modestmouse, highlighting tech-related terms you may or may not have heard of before.

Todays word: Appled |ap-pulled| verb

Definition: Appled similar to Appalled is to be figuratively (and sometimes literally) smothered or crushed by an onslaught of coverage for an Apple product, namely the iPad or iPhone.

Apple products are laced with an extremely potent pheromone that causes technology bloggers to become insatiably aroused. The techno-blogger then courts his or her new iDevice with an intricate and highly ritualized reviewal process, which can often be taboo or disgusting to uninitiated commenters.

This fairly well documented love affair has reached a fever pitch with the release of Apple's new tablet, the iPad. This has lead a large segment of Gizmodo's (a serious technology blog) reader base to become entranced through a process known as imitation or monkey see monkey do.

The other half of Gizmodo's reader base has become outcasts, living on the edge of the internet and foraging for tech news unrelated to Apple. With time it is hoped that things may return to normal, and everyone may once again live in perfect harmony. Until the next iProduct comes out that is.

Example: "Some people on the internet have been Appled almost to the brink of insanity."

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