Some Morons Waste $500 So You Don't Have To

Posted by OCEntertainment | Posted on 1:48 AM

The price of an iPad is anywhere between $500 and $830. For the same amount of money, you could pay for a quarter's worth of tuition at the community college that I went to for video production, where I learned, among other things, that when you are the camera person for a documentary video you're supposed to point the friggin camera at the friggin' action!

Then again, judging by what they did to what they actually spent their $500 on, maybe I'm glad they didn't go to my college. Last thing we need is a dude coming into the studio with a baseball bat smashing cameras, hitting people, and laughing as if nothing nothing he's doing is wrong. As if its all just a game, completely oblivious to the pain and suffering of those cowering, horrified, in the corner...


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