Screw the Iphone... The Story we Should be focusing on; Is Steve Jobs among us?

Posted by Jasmine | Posted on 11:32 AM

Currently there is some outrage over this week's photoshop contest; "Help Steve Jobs Strike Back". Apparently this is a way of admitting guilt? Or something... But the real thing we should be worrying about is that doesn't it seem suspicious that Frucci would go out of his way to help SJobs out? I'm sure this week has been a stressful one for him, and his creativity is probably a little burnt out. Having people pour in suggestions on the best way to retaliate is exactly what he needs. But how did he acomplish this? Simple. Mind control on Frucci; one of the least likely suspects. If it was Jesus Diaz, we all would have caught on ages ago, but Frucci mainly provides us with Lul'z... ensuring that he slips under the radar when it comes to the deep stuff. We all need to be on guard in these coming days and weeks, who knows what will happen when SJobs reveals himself...

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